Privacy Policy

Client privacy is important to The Wingate Way. As part of our dedication to connecting animals and people in a safe space, The Wingate Way is committed to protecting the confidentiality of non-public client information. This privacy notice provides a general outline of the current privacy policy and practices of The Wingate Way.


The Wingate Way collects certain personal information in order to provide information and services to its clients. The type of information that is collected and the way such information is used depends on the information and services provided to each client. In connection with its business practices, The Wingate Way may collect the following information about its clients:


Email Address

Telephone Number,

Animal Name(s), and

Other personal information related to the client's session.

Each client shall have the right to review personal information collected by The Wingate Way and request in writing for corrections to be made to any errors contained in such information. The Wingate Way will review such requests and respond accordingly.


The Wingate Way will not share any nonpublic information about current or former clients to any third parties except as required by applicable law or as otherwise required connection with the administration of services to each client. Such disclosures include, but are not limited to:

To any government entities or authorities in connection with the regulation of our business or to comply with any laws, regulations, subpoenas or other orders.


The Wingate Way restricts access to nonpublic client information only to those employees who need to know that information to provide information or services to each client. All information will be safeguarded through written privacy policies and physical, electronic and procedural protections adopted by The Wingate Way from time to time.



The information in this privacy notice is intended to provide general illustrations and is not a comprehensive account of the rights of each client or The Wingate Way under applicable state or federal laws. The Wingate Way may change its privacy policy at any time and will inform its current clients of any changes as required by applicable law. The Wingate Way will continue to limit disclosures of personal information of former clients in accordance with its stated privacy policy.

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