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Are you ready to know what your animal is thinking?


Connects animals and people worldwide, in a profoundly deep way.

Download Lauren's eBook, "Animal Truth" for free, and start learning about animal communication today!

Animals use my intuitive, psychic, and energetic abilities, to give me a clear understanding of what they want their people to know.

- Lauren Wingate, The Wingate Way

Going Deeper

You've come to that point in your life when you're ready to deepen your relationship with your animal.

If you could just understand what he or she is thinking, you'd be able to solve behavior issues, build a better relationship and even get closure when an animal passes away.

Setting Trust

Often, there is an issue that is asking to be addressed.  Perhaps it is a need your animal has.  Perhaps your animal is acting as a mirror for something that needs to be addressed in you.  We need to go to a heart-based place where the truth can arise without judgement.  And this requires trust.

Rewarding Relationships

My greatest passion is the ability to give animals a safe, heart-based space and a voice so they can let their humans better understand them.  


I want you to help you improve the relationship you have with your animal so that you, too, can have a  mutually rewarding relationship.

I want to understand my animal better.
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Lauren has been communicating professionally with animals and people around the world for more than 25 years.  


She has helped hundreds of people understand their animals and themselves better, through this bridge of communication.


The profound insights that come from these communications are life changing.

"Animals are as individual as humans. Some have a funny sense of humor and some are very serious. Whatever the animal, they all have a point of view and my greatest joy is to share what they want to communicate."



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DEANNA CORBY, Dressage Trainer & Competition Judge

My horse and I thoroughly enjoyed our session with Lauren.  She has a very gentle and understanding approach.  The reading was incredibly insightful and accurate.


The Carolinas Equestrian 

We held a demonstration with Lauren at our farm for about 25 horse owners and Lauren nailed each horse's behavior and personality.  She truly opened our eyes with her insights and knowledge.

"My horse and I thoroughly enjoyed our session with Lauren. She has a very gentle and understanding approach and the reading was incredibly accurate and insightful!"  


~ Deanna Corby

Dressage trainer, Instructor, Competition Judge


Download Lauren's eBook, "Animal Truth"

for free, and start learning about animal communication today!

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""We held a demonstration with Lauren at our farm for about 25 horse owners and Lauren nailed each horses’ behavior and personality. She spent the afternoon drawing out a few skeptics and truly opening their eyes, as well as the rest of the group, with her insights and knowledge."   


~ Shannon Habenicht

The Carolinas Equestrian, Waxhaw, NC


1. Book

Book a time based on your animal type and your goals for your session.  You'll complete a brief intake form and will need to upload a photo of your animal in form as well.

2. Call

I will call you by phone at the time of our session, and will look at the photo of your animal in order to tune into the energetic space where animal communication occurs.

3. Listen

I like to tune into your animal first to learn how they operate before we ask questions.  They will give me visions that they want to share and we will also be able to enter into a dialogue.

4. Learn

Together, we'll discover the truths that your animal has to share with you, find answers to your questions, and open a deeper relationship for you and your animal.

When you work with me you will learn the truth about the soul of your animal. 


You will experience your animal through his or her own eyes.

Get ready for a heart-based, truth-space conversation that just may change your (and your animal's) life.

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What to Expect



I offer communication services for animals of all kinds, including behavior modification, relationship building, end-of-life closure, & placement. I work both in person and over the phone to help develop a better understanding between you and your animal friend.

Cat and Dog.png


Are you considering bringing a new animal friend into your life? I work with you during the selection process to ensure that the animalʼs personality is a good fit for you, your family, and any of the other animals you may currently have in your home.

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Gift Certificates

Give this one-of-a-kind present to someone you know who has that special love and connection with their favorite animal friend. Send them one of my beautifully-designed gift certificates for what will be a life-changing session between them and their pet!

I want to give this gift


"Lauren's methods were so simple and met with amazing results. Once she taught us how to speak 'horse' all of the dots connected and we transitioned to a sweet, happy spot with our 2 young equines."  


~ Mary Beth

Wilmington, NC


What's at Stake?

Animal Lovers who have engaged The Wingate Way animal communication, have heightened their ability to understand their animals and have deepened their relationships into mutually rewarding experiences. 

They no longer worry and wonder what their animal is needing or trying to say.  

But rather they become empowered partners with their animals, able to work, live and play together in an optimal, aware state.

Get in Touch

To learn more about animal communication and to hear from real life clients, follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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The Wingate Way is located in Greensboro, NC.  To inquire about in-person sessions, and for all other questions, please contact us here:

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